Roger PR Launches Free Online Course for Flight School Owners and Instructors

Press release: Warsaw, Poland, March 2, 2023 – Roger Public Relations is proud to announce the launch of their new online course, “SkyRocket Your Flight School Enrollment with Free Media Publicity.” This course is designed to teach flight school owners and instructors how to use PR and media relations to attract new flight students without paying for ads.

The course is led by Jacek Ławrecki, an expert in communications and media relations with over 20 years of experience working with international companies. Jacek is also a private pilot and has decided to use his expertise to help the flying community by sharing his expertise with flight school owners.

The course is focused on practical aspects of public relations relevant to flight school owners and CFIs. They will discover how to make local media outlets – such as TV, radio stations, newspapers, and internet portals – talk and write about their flight academies. Participants will learn how to craft compelling stories and pitch them to media outlets.

“I am thrilled to be able to offer this course to the flight school community,” said Jacek Ławrecki. “I believe that by sharing my knowledge and experience, I can help flight schools reach new students and grow their businesses.”

The idea for the course came during training Jacek started after turning forty.

“Large companies I have worked with for years use a variety of tools to interact with their audiences. When I became a private pilot I was surprised to notice that flight schools very often limit their marketing activities to expensive ads targeting the flying community and completely ignoring local communities. Many flight training businesses fail to notice that the real potential for growth lies in reaching those who have not yet started flying. And local media are a great and usually free means to reach them” – ads Jacek Ławrecki.

The course is available for free and can be accessed at

Roger Public Relations is a communications consultancy helping aviation businesses and individuals build strong brands, generate media publicity, and reach new customers.

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