Don’t ever do this to reporters!

Never ever!

What caused the crash?

The flux capacitor! Or capacitator… doesn’t matter.

The reporter did not invent it herself. She was there to report on an aviation accident. And apparently, some wise guy at the airfield thought it would be funny to blame the crash on the faulty flux capacitor. And the news went on air.

Yes, reporters have no clue about aviation. Yes, reading reports full of errors may be irritating.

But reporters cover a multitude of topics and they rely heavily on information they get from witnesses and experts. They don’t need to be experts on every subject. And it is OK.

Remember, you were not born as a seasoned aviator either. So be patient. Explain in simple terms. Correct gently if you spot a serious mistake. Build relations with the reporter. You may need them one day…

And in case you don’t know what a flux capacitor is – have a look here:

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