Zara Rutherford – the youngest woman in history to fly solo around the world

Exactly 1 year ago, Zara Rutherford (FlyZolo) became the youngest woman in history who has flown solo around the world in a small aircraft. Her journey lasted 155 days. She wanted to encourage young women to pursue their dreams and reduce the gender gap in aviation as well as in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

When completing the journey Zara was 19 years old

Her journey took twice as long as expected. She waited several weeks in freezing temperatures for good weather conditions. She had to escape the super-typhoon, she avoided thick smog, faced wild-fires and heavy winds.

At that time, the youngest man to have flown solo around the world, Travis Ludlow, was 18 years old (shortly afterwards this record was beaten by Zara’s brother, Mack). The youngest woman, Shaesta Waiz, was 30 at the time of her flight. With her flight Zara reduced this gender gap by more than a decade.

I am so proud, I was part of her ground team, helping her tell her great story to the world and deal with the media.

If you want to beat her record (or organize any other unbelievable flying adventure) and you would like the world to hear about it, contact me. Maybe I will be able to give you some suggestions to get media attention.

Zara Rutherford
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