What makes a great aviation story for media?

You would like to get media interested in your business, right? A flight school, an aviation start-up or an aircraft sales business. Then you need a great story.

What is it?

A great story must be:
relevant for the reader or viewer. So you need to know who are the readers or viewers and what they like. Let’s make it simple:  You want to target local media in your area, so you need to develop a story with a local angle. You want to target business media, you need a relevant business angle.
timely. It must be delivered on time, this means you should know why you are talking about it right now. It may be because something great happened at your business right now or maybe there is an anniversary of a great aviation achievement, or maybe tomorrow is the National Aviation Day. By the way the National Aviation Day in the US is August, 19.
not commercial. This means the story should not be focused on your business. Wait! Why? We are supposed to attract people to your flight school, right? So why shouldn’t we focus on the flight school itself? You can answer this question yourself. Would you like to read a newspaper article with the main message: we are a great company, our products are the best, we made so and so much money in sales? You would not. So your story must not be salesy. It is fine to refer to your business or services if it adds value to the story itself.

It is really that simple!

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