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⚡An engineer corrected a press release.
His version read:
The modernization resulted in emission decrease: SO2 and SO3 from 200 mg/nm3 to 154 mg/nm3, HCL from 250 mg/nm3 to 16 mg/nm3 and particles from 23 mg/nm3 to 13 mg/nm3 ( O2 = 6% )🤔.

👉Cute, isn’t it😍?

So how do you communicate figures?
👉In press releases?
👉In Facebook posts?


Make it relatable and easy to remember
So instead of saying
👉“55,3%” say “more than half”
👉“112% increase” say “more than twice”
👉“650 meters high” say “twice the size of the Eiffel Tower”
👉“altitude of 34 000 feet” say “altitude where airliners fly”

In this example we could say something like “15 times lower emissions of hydrogene chloroide”.

How would you rephrase the part on particle emission?

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