A good story does the trick

If you have a great story to tell, you can make the headlines – without PR agencies or advertising budgets, actually even without any PR or communications experience.

👉 I tried it.

My test rabbits were a great, small team of an aviation firm, SkyDream. They sell ultralight planes, teach people to fly, do maintenance and paperwork of the aircraft. They take all the nuisance off the pilots’ heads so that the latter can enjoy flying. And they are preparing to open the country’s first aeroplane showroom.

The team consisted of 6 people: three office employees, a mechanic, and two flight instructors (including the business owner, Krzysztof Będkowski). None of them had any experience in communications, public relations or media. All of them love aeroplanes and do their absolutely best to take care of aircraft owners.

👉 True – I helped the team develop their brand communications strategy, their story and do the planning. We spent several hours on that together. But after that, they were on their own. They contacted the reporters, organized a media event, and told their story. And now they are all over the media in their region. And their showroom is not even yet opened.

This is a proof that PR is not about tricks, it is not about money, it is not about who you know. It is not even about how experienced communicator you are. It is about your story. A good story told with passion does the trick.

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